Important: All patients (New/Old) to please read the updated FAQs No. 4. and 5 before booking appointment.


What is Tele-psychiatry? 

Tele-psychiatry is a part of telemedicine and is a platform where psychiatrists provide mental health care services to the patients through online web based platforms. 

Telepsychiatry at MiHOPE

We at Mi HOPE are a team of eminent and experienced psychiatrists who provide telepsychiatry services to the patients through our web based portal. The patient simply needs to create an account and request a consultation. We then connect the patient to our psychiatrist depending upon their availability and the patient’s preferred slots. The patient meets the psychiatrist through the portal itself and have a video based online consultation session. The prescription gets generated online by the psychiatrist which can be used later on for the follow up sessions as well. The patient also gets the option of requesting a follow up appointment so as to maintain continuity and notice the effectiveness of the medication prescribed. 

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