Important: All patients (New/Old) to please read the updated FAQs No. 4. and 5 before booking appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

MiHOPE or Mind Healthcare Online Program & Education is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT platform for tele-health services which is exclusively dedicated to mental health focusing on all the aspects related to Mind & Body.  The portal is hosted by Mental Health Foundation (India) (view website).

At MiHOPE you can consult a psychiatrist who is a medical doctor specializing in mental illness w.r.t its diagnosis, treatment and maintenance. You can also consult a counsellor/therapist who is trained to provide evidence based psychological therapy (a conversation-based mechanism) which is another treatment mode for managing mental health issues. 

There are two levels of services, namely “Basic Level Service” and “Specialized Level Service”. 

We recommend Basic Level services for individuals with no prior diagnosis or those who are not sure about their current mental health conditions but need a review for the same. The fees for “New Appointment" under Basic Level Service is ₹300 and "Follow-Up Appointment"  under Basic Level Service is ₹250. There is an Exemption in fees for the individuals who upload a valid document proof for  COVID-19 warriors/ BPL beneficiaries/ Social Worker representing destitute personnel. 

We recommend Specialized Level services to individuals who are a) experiencing chronic conditions and need extended care and/or b) individual Patients with a prior diagnosis of mental illness and are seeking another consultant. The fees for “New Appointment" for Specialized Level Services is ₹500 and "Follow-Up Appointment" for Specialized Level Services is ₹400. There is an Exemption in fees for the individuals who upload a valid document proof for  COVID-19 warriors/ BPL beneficiaries/ Social Worker representing destitute personnel.

If you face any technical issue Kindly drop a text on our WhatsApp number 9891009523. Our technical team shall address the issue and you will be notified as early as it gets resolved

Based upon the the mental health concerns mentioned in your application form, the type of consultancy service you choose, (that is, a psychiatric consultation or a counselling session ) and the availability of the consultants, our team will allocate a trained consultant to you. 

MiHOPE is NOT a crisis intervention service. Therefore in case of an emergency please contact the nearby hospital or clinic. 

1. Fill all the details in the given area (use N/A for places are not applicable for you ).

 2. Upload a passport size pic with white background front facing size not exceeding 2MB. 

MiHOPE or Mind Healthcare Online Program & Education is a not-for-profit e-portal by Mental Health Foundation India providing mental health services via secure internet technology. MiHOPE has of a team of Psychiatrist and Counsellors/Therapists.

  • MiHOPE is NOT a crisis intervention service. Therefore in case of an emergency please contact the nearby hospital.
  • To avail the services you must be above 18 years of age, having capacity to consent to treatment for yourself or for your family member of whom you are a legal guardian.
  • The patient is responsible for providing and consenting to share authentic information to the best of their knowledge with the consultant.
  • The consulting Psychiatrist and Counsellor/Therapist will not be responsible for any issue caused due to inadequate or misinformation provided by the client.  Furthermore, the Psychiatrist and Counsellor/Therapist hold no responsibility for any physical harm done to the client either by herself/himself or to/by others either during or after the sessions.
  • Allocating a Psychiatrist and Counsellor/Therapist may take up to 7 days. The allocation is based on the mutual availability of consultant and the client (Patient).
  • The client may cease to continue therapy/ treatment anytime by informing the consultant. However, if the client returns to therapy after a prolonged period of time, he/she may not be allocated to his previous consultant.
  • Sessions between the therapist and the client (patient) are strictly confidential. Any notes taken by the consultant will be kept confidential and secure at all times with exception to certain limitations by law such as:
  • The client may be at risk of harm to self or to others.
  • Abuse to a child, disabled, elderly, other people;
  • Criminal Acts;
  • Sexual Abuse;
  • Any other instance where the therapist has a duty or he or she has a firm belief that there is a necessity to disclose.
  • The consultant reserves the right to terminate sessions with any client (patient) if he/she displays any sort of misconduct with the consulting psychiatrist and/or a counsellor.
  • The patient may be referred to another consultant if the current consultant decides appropriate.
  • The information provided by the client (patient) may be used for research purposes, however no identifier information (Name, Address, Phone number, E-mail, etc.) will be used at any point, keeping in the mind the privacy of the client (patient).
  • It is a short-term intervention and any kind of clinical report for medico-legal services will NOT be provided.
  • MiHOPE respects the privacy and confidentiality of all individuals associated with our portal, we maintain the highest level of security for our data. However, using any online platform comes with a risk of data leakage. In case of such rare instances due to any unprecedented technical error, MiHOPE cannot be held accountable.

Any patient who wishes to cancel or apply for refund must do so within 24 hours of the booking of appointment. Beyond that time, sessions cannot be cancelled but can be changed or rescheduled as per the convenience.

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