Important: All patients (New/Old) to please read the updated FAQs No. 4. and 5 before booking appointment.

Tele- Counselling

What is Telecounseling? 
Tele-counselling is a platform wherein the psychotherapists and the psychologists provide web based mental health support in the form of therapy and counselling sessions. 

Tele-counselling at Mi HOPE

At Mi HOPE, Tele-Counselling is provided by our team of experienced and qualified psychotherapists and counsellors online through our web based portal. Our team consists of empathetic and enthusiastic psychologists willing to help our clients deal with their issues in more effective and better ways. The client needs to create an account and apply for a session. We then connect the client to our therapists/counsellors depending upon their availability and the client’s preferred slots. Both get connected through the portal itself and have video based online sessions. Every session is followed by tasks assigned by the psychologist/counsellor which are required to be done by the client and are visible to them after the end of every session. We believe in improvising at every step and therefore our sessions are also followed by feedback forms to be filled by the clients. 

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